Flora Survey – Part 1

I was privileged to assist Botanists from Singapore Botanic Gardens Herbarium (SBGH) and Botanical Research Centre (BRC) for the 11 days field trip to Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary (LEWS) and Batang Ai National Park (BANP) on 10th until 20th March 2016. The trip was divide into two; the first seven days (10th – 16th Sept) was at LEWS and another four days (17th – 20th Sept) was at BANP. Ever since i involved in my conservation work, i never really participate in any flora study before. Thus, this was my first time and I learn so much from this field trip. Apart from that, i gain more interests in plants after the trip.

Upon our arrival at Ng Talong longhouse, the weather seems to be not on our side. It was raining since the evening until midday the next day. The headman advise us not to continue our journey to the Ng Segerak ranger station because the water level is rise cause by the overnight rain and it will be very dangerous for our longboat. We spent our second night at the longhouse but we managed to walk to the village’s protected forest (Kampung Mali) later that day for our general collections. Continue reading


The People of Ulu Engkari


The still and calm water of Batang Ai Dam

The weather looks clear when we were about to leave the jetty of Batang Ai dam. However, after 30 minutes on the boat the dark clouds covered the sky and rain start to dripping. Lucky for us that we already pass through the dam and we are entering the Engkari river mouth. The water level is a bit low and just sufficient for us to going up river. I am still wondering what adventure await us as we start to enter into a more narrow and rocky river. The water is a bit muddy and obviously it was caused by the landslides on some parts of the river banks. Since it was raining, i couldn’t took any photos of this stretch of the river. There were about 13 longhouses along the Engkari river and the list below are following the order start from the first longhouse on the river mouth until the furthest longhouse. Continue reading