The Journey & Camping Site

Botany survey with Singapore Botanic Garden and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh at Ng Bloh (LEWS) from 20th February until 8th March 2017.


Arrived safely at Song town using this Khai Khiong Express. We have a lot of baggage and takes some time to unload it on the wharf.

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Worried but Worth it

Botany survey with Singapore Botanic Garden and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh at Ng Bloh (LEWS) from 20th February until 8th March 2017

This time i was assigned to lead a team of 14 people and i am the only female in this group. Being the only flower among the thorns, i have quite a mixture of feelings. Will i survive? Will i be able to manage this group as a team leader? Will we be able to work as a team? Will i be able to cope with all sorts of challenges which we will possibly face? Will i be able to handle the local communities? To summary it all, actually i am anxious about this trip. Furthermore, i never explore trails, rivers or forests in this site. Although, I did visit the research station last year, (see this post The LEWS Headquarters)ย but i didn’t do much during that trip. Continue reading

Back in Action

I know i have been quite for a few months now. Thus, i would like to make a come back and start to write again. Just a sneak peak of my recent field work with amazing people from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Singapore Botanic Garden, i am sharing a few photos taken from our trip.

It is one of a very tough and challenging field trip i ever coordinated but the experienced is awesome and priceless. Many lesson to be learnt and will be my guidance for my future works.ย  Continue reading

Flora Survey – Part 2


The Batang Ai National Park jetty and the water level is high.ย 

Batang Ai National Park (BANP) is located adjacent to Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary (LEWS) and this is our second site for our flora surveys. It took us less than an hour to reach the BANP Nanga Delok’s jetty from Batang Ai dam’s jetty using the park’s boat. Ng Delok is the BANP headquarters and we have to transfer to a longboat to continue our journey to Lubang Baya ranger station. Continue reading

Flora Survey – Part 1

I was privileged to assist Botanists from Singapore Botanic Gardens Herbarium (SBGH) and Botanical Research Centre (BRC) for the 11 days field trip to Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary (LEWS) and Batang Ai National Park (BANP) on 10th until 20th March 2016. The trip was divide into two; the first seven days (10th – 16th Sept) was at LEWS and another four days (17th – 20th Sept) was at BANP. Ever since i involved in my conservation work, i never really participate in any flora study before. Thus, this was my first time and I learn so much from this field trip. Apart from that, i gain more interests in plants after the trip.

Upon our arrival at Ng Talong longhouse, the weather seems to be not on our side. It was raining since the evening until midday the next day. The headman advise us not to continue our journey to the Ng Segerak ranger station because the water level is rise cause by the overnight rain and it will be very dangerous for our longboat. We spent our second night at the longhouse but we managed to walk to the village’s protected forest (Kampung Mali) later that day for our general collections. Continue reading

The LEWS Headquarters

Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary (LEWS) can be accessed through three field stations, namely Nanga Segerak, Nanga Mujok and Nanga Bloh. The main station or headquarters for this sanctuary is located at Nanga Bloh, Ulu Katibas which is falls into Sibu Division. So, for my second familiarization trip, i went to Nanga Bloh field station. This trip is quite interesting in term of mode of transportation because we have to fly from Kuching to reach Sibu town and then followed by taxi to get to the Sibu Express Terminal and then using boat express to reach the other town called Song and finally have to use long boat to reach the station.

Sibu Terminal

The morning view of Rajang River from the boat express at the Sibu Express Terminal

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Trekking Through Ubah Trail


The Engkari River

The weather is a bit cloudy that morning but it doesn’t stop me from my plan to trek to one of the trail at this field station. I am already very excited to explore a little bit of this wildlife sanctuary so, i decide to trek to Ubah Trail. With assistance from the headman, TR Bada Ak Chendai and two general workers, Mr. Lubok Ak Tungkat and Mr. Bakar Ak Enggong we were heading to the trail. We have to cross Segerak River mouth and then Engkari River to reach the starting point of Ubah Trail. Continue reading