Worried but Worth it

Botany survey with Singapore Botanic Garden and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh at Ng Bloh (LEWS) from 20th February until 8th March 2017

This time i was assigned to lead a team of 14 people and i am the only female in this group. Being the only flower among the thorns, i have quite a mixture of feelings. Will i survive? Will i be able to manage this group as a team leader? Will we be able to work as a team? Will i be able to cope with all sorts of challenges which we will possibly face? Will i be able to handle the local communities? To summary it all, actually i am anxious about this trip. Furthermore, i never explore trails, rivers or forests in this site. Although, I did visit the research station last year, (see this post The LEWS Headquarters)Β but i didn’t do much during that trip. Continue reading