Back in Action

I know i have been quite for a few months now. Thus, i would like to make a come back and start to write again. Just a sneak peak of my recent field work with amazing people from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Singapore Botanic Garden, i am sharing a few photos taken from our trip.

It is one of a very tough and challenging field trip i ever coordinated but the experienced is awesome and priceless. Many lesson to be learnt and will be my guidance for my future works. 


When botanists talking about plants and i am still speechless and goes blank. I even have difficulties to memorize the family name of each plants which we collected. *poor me!*


For the first five days of our fieldwork we were surviving our stays in this camp. Our refugee camp… ha ha ha… 

DSCN5319 (1)

Despite of our challenging fieldwork we still know how to have a good time… Ha ha ha.. Name is not related to anyone in the picture.. LOL. (Photo credit to Peter)


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