The LEWS Headquarters

Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary (LEWS) can be accessed through three field stations, namely Nanga Segerak, Nanga Mujok and Nanga Bloh. The main station or headquarters for this sanctuary is located at Nanga Bloh, Ulu Katibas which is falls into Sibu Division. So, for my second familiarization trip, i went to Nanga Bloh field station. This trip is quite interesting in term of mode of transportation because we have to fly from Kuching to reach Sibu town and then followed by taxi to get to the Sibu Express Terminal and then using boat express to reach the other town called Song and finally have to use long boat to reach the station.

Sibu Terminal

The morning view of Rajang River from the boat express at the Sibu Express Terminal


The small town – Song Town

The summary of the journey is:

  • Kuching to Sibu via Flight = 30 minutes
  • Sibu Airport to Express Terminal via taxi = 20 – 30 minutes (depends on traffic)
  • Express Terminal to Song Town via boat express = 2 hours
  • Song Town to Ng Bloh Field Station via long boat = 6 hours and half

On the long boat heading to the Ng Bloh Field Station


The Ng Bloh Field Station jetty. The water level is more lower compare to the day we arrived.


The view from the station’s jetty towards the upper Katibas River


The sanctuary’s rules and regulations stated on this signboard which located on the the entrance to the sanctuary


The two-storey accommodation is located on the highest part of this compound. Four rooms (hostel type) and two rooms executive type. Large kitchen and living room area with very nice veranda for bird watching.


The veranda equipped with set of chairs and tables. I like sitting here while watching birds and squirrels feeding on the fruit trees in front of this building.


The office building is very spacing.


The station is managed by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (Protected Area and Biodiversity Conservation Division) under Sibu Regional Office.

fruit tree

The view from the office building, where some of the fruit trees were planted next to the river bank.

Since this is only a five days trip with two nights spent at the station, i only managed to walk around the station’s compound areas. There were no trails available for a walk next to this area. Thus, i need to use a boat if i want to explore the forest trails.

the forest

It was raining when i was walking around, exploring this field station’s compound.


Found one dead Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica) while walking around. It hits the glass door of the building and it didn’t make it through though. Confused bird, pity her.


I am not sure where this dog came from but i think he follow one of the workers from the longhouse to this station. He follow me around when i am exploring this place. Maybe he is just hungry and want me to give him food.

dog & me

Then we were stuck in the rain and we took a selfie

I am not quite satisfied with this trip because i am not managed to at least walk in the forest trail for an hour or two perhaps. But, the weather also not permitted us to do that when it was raining the whole day on the second day. I am still curios and eager to come back and explore this sanctuary from this Northern part. It must be very exciting and interesting.




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