Trekking Through Ubah Trail


The Engkari River

The weather is a bit cloudy that morning but it doesn’t stop me from my plan to trek to one of the trail at this field station. I am already very excited to explore a little bit of this wildlife sanctuary so, i decide to trek to Ubah Trail. With assistance from the headman, TR Bada Ak Chendai and two general workers, Mr. Lubok Ak Tungkat and Mr. Bakar Ak Enggong we were heading to the trail. We have to cross Segerak River mouth and then Engkari River to reach the starting point of Ubah Trail.


The water dam of the gravity water feeds for the field station

I insist to look at the water catchment for the field station. The headman brought me to see the water dam and it is on the small stream next to the Ubah Trail. The dam is clogged with soil and debris from the heavy rain the night before. They clean the dam at least twice a month and if the water is blocked after the heavy rain .


The wild ginger flower

We continue our walk along the Ubah Trail. I take a chance to captured some interesting photos along this walk. The first 300m is climbing uphill and then we continue for another 700m before we turn back to the station.


The strangler fig tree


The trail looks so much better when the forest still have big trees


The Great Argus pheasant dancing ground


Only managed to see one of the Great Argus pheasant feather


I always attracted to the fruit’s shell, left on the forest floor eaten by animals


The forest is always a seed bank


The Segerak River mouth, tributary of Engkari River

It was a a great walk even though it is only for a short while. I managed to heard calls made by Muller’s Gibbon and Great Argus during our walk. Observed a few species of birds but it was a bit quite, maybe because we were already very late, almost noon time. Overall, it is still an interesting forest to discover and explore. For the next visit, i must do something more interesting rather than just walk like a tourist in this forest.


Happy face when i get a chance to swim in this refreshing and cooling water



2 thoughts on “Trekking Through Ubah Trail

    • It is my pleasures to share what i found in this forest area. Somehow, i didn’t have enough time during this trip but i have other trip which i will share in my next post. It is quite an interesting forest because closer to the station is actually a regenerating forest from shifting cultivation practice by the local communities.


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